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Dr. Joseph Albano, DO, MBA is an orthopedic spine specialist with Orthopaedic Spine Surgeons of New Jersey (OSSNJ). Dr. Albano takes a conservative approach to surgery, recommending it only when all other non-surgical options have been exhausted. When surgery is necessary, he specializes in minimally invasive, motion-sparing procedures.


Joseph Albano DO, MBA is an orthopaedic surgeon at Orthopaedic and Spine Surgeons of New Jersey who specializes in minimally invasive and motion-sparing spine surgery using the most advanced technology available. In fact, Dr. Albano implanted the first Simplify Cervical Artificial Disc in the United States.


cervical spine surgery patient of dr. joseph albano


Dr. Albano is an expert in many cervical procedures, with special expertise in artificial disc replacement, as well as joint fusion. Whenever possible, Dr. Albano will opt to preserve motion through disc replacement; however, some patients may require a joint fusion procedure. 

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While the lumbar spine is sturdy and resilient, it is also subject to a high degree of stress and loads, which may cause various problems that result in pain. When this happens, Dr. Albano specializes in a number of different procedures that can provide the patient relief from pain.

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Dr. Albano knows that surgery isn’t always the answer in treating a patient’s pain. Often, a non-surgical approach such as spinal injections can be used. While injections can’t cure a patient’s condition, injections can help relieve the  pain associted with the condition.

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Other Procedures

In most cases, Dr. Albano will exhaust non-surgical options before recommending surgery. When surgery becomes necessary, Dr. Albano offers a number of specialized, minimally invasive procedures in addition to his cervical and lumbar specialties.

fractured spine for kyphoplasty

Conservative care for spine conditions

Patients who come to see Dr. Albano all have one thing in common.




Often, their pain can be managed through conservative measures such as physical therapy, injections, or some other type of pain management therapy, His main goal isn’t to do surgery but to get his patients back to living pain-free lives as quickly as possible. Sometimes that means a nonsurgical approach and sometimes it doesn’t.


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